Balboa Intro for Lindy Hoppers

Balboa Intro for Lindy Hoppers

A 6-week course on Balboa, a popular partnered dance of the swing era. If you already know how to Lindy Hop but would like to add Balboa and “Bal-Swing” steps to your repertoire, this is the course for you! Your teachers Josh & Sharon will progressively go over the basic movements, steps and figures of Balboa and Bal-Swing. We invite dancers who have an intermediate level of Lindy Hop experience already and feel comfortable social dancing. You will need to already understand leading/following to take this course.

Course length: 6-week course
Day/Time: Tuesdays 7.00pm – 8.00pm
Location: Academy Studios, 15 Pratt Mews, Camden NW1 0AD
Instructors: Josh Harvey-Gomez & Sharon Davis

Upcoming Dates:

None currently scheduled

Priority booking for dancers who register with partners, so grab a friend and sign up!
£75 per person or £140 to book with a partner (save £10)

What is Balboa?
Balboa is a swing dance that was born in the Balboa peninsula region of Southern California in the 1920s, and was popular throughout the 1930s and 40s. It is danced to the same swing music as Lindy Hop. The ballroom floors were tightly-packed in the Balboa region, so the dance evolved to suit the situation. “Pure Balboa” is danced in this original style, with a close embrace and small shuffling steps that suit a crowded dancefloor (and also make it well suited for faster tempos). “Bal-Swing” also incorporates breakaways, open positions, turns & spins.
What should I wear/bring?
Wear comfortable clothes that allow for unrestricted movement. Followers traditionally dance Balboa in heels. Bring a bottle of water.

Can I drop-in to this course?
No, this is a progressive 6-week course. You must sign up for the whole program.

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