Swing Dance Improvers

Our Improvers classes are for swing dancers who have learned their Lindy Hop fundamentals and are looking to practice their basics and get more confident about social dancing. You should already have learned your Swing Outs and Lindy Circles, some 6-Count Lindy Hop and your Lindy Charleston basics. Our Improvers classes will recap and polish everything you learned in your Beginners classes, plus teach you some more classic swing steps. Our Improvers program looks like this:

Week 1: Perfecting Your 6-Count Basics
Week 2: Handshake Hold Moves in 6-Counts
Week 3: 6-Count with Kicks for Dancing Fast
Week 4: Sugar Pushes & Swivels for 6-count
Week 5: Perfecting 8-Count Basics
Week 6: Style for Swingouts & Circles (8-count)
Week 7: Turns & Spins in 6- and 8-Counts
Week 8: Perfecting Your Lindy Charleston Basics
Week 9: Hand-to-Hand Lindy Charleston
Week 10: Tandem Charleston Basics
Week 11: Jigwalks & Hacksaw Basics
Week 12: Mixing Basics & Social Dance Advice

When & Where

We offer two options for taking Improvers level classes with us:

1. THE COURSE: Improvers 12-Week Course (Camden)
This course is for focused learning and will suit people who have finished our Swing Dance Beginners course or already have some Swing Dance experience. In this 12-week course you will learn both roles – leading and following. Classes in the course are luxuriously long: 90 minutes for more in-depth learning and extra practice time. The course has small class sizes for plenty of individual attention from the teacher. The 12-week course costs £180 and must be booked online.

Take the course if:

  • You like seeing the same people in your class every week
  • You prefer a structured program
  • You like intensive learning and individual attention from the teacher
  • You want to learn both roles (leading and following)

Info & Booking

2. THE DROP-IN: Improvers drop-in classes (Marble Arch)
If you would prefer a traditional swing dance class or just want more flexibility, we offer a drop-in Improvers class at The Wednesday Club on, you guessed it, Wednesday evenings. These classes are in the big, beautiful Stern Hall in Marble Arch and taught by award-winning international instructors Sharon Davis & Josh Harvey-Gomez. You can drop-in to this class any week, no commitment. No pre-booking is needed and you just pay cash at the door. Cash only. These are traditional Lindy Hop classes in that you must choose just one role (leader or follower) in each class. The material covered is the same as the course, but the drop-in classes are only 1 hour long. We cycle through our Improvers topics over 12 weeks, but you can drop-in and take them in any order and it doesn’t matter if you skip weeks. These classes are £15 each, or buy a Loyalty Card for great savings: 12 classes for only £100! Click here for more info about The Wednesday Club.

Take the drop-in classes if:

  • You can’t commit to a 12-week course
  • You want the flexibility to drop in when it suits you
  • You’d like to learn in a beautiful ballroom with lots of space
  • You would prefer to focus on just one dance role (leading or following)