Herrang 2016 Resources

Herrang 2016: Resources

Hi everyone!

Here are all the resources I mentioned for you in our Herrang 2016 Week 1 authentic jazz classes! Enjoy and please feel free to email me (info@jazzmad.co.uk) if you have any questions! JazzMAD is my school in London, where I teach almost every day, so come visit me sometime! 🙂

Much love,
Sharon Davis

1. Jazz Dance Legends

Here is a handout with a list of names of original dancers from the 1920s-1950s who have been a great inspiration to me! Your homework when you get home from Herrang is to research these names, find your own favourites and what inspires you:
Jazz Dance Inspiration (PDF 64KB)

Specifically, I mentioned Leon James in the first class. Here are two videos of legends Leon James and Albert Minns dancing:

You can read more about these two wonderful characters in my blog post here.

2. Jazz Step List

Here is the list of jazz steps I was referring to in class, categorised by rhythm. This is just a personal grouping that works for my mind, not any kind of formal classification. So don’t get too hung up on this – and don’t overthink it! But it might be useful to refer to, when you are practicing:
Jazz Steps Rhythm Breakdown List (PDF 62KB)

3. Charleston Variation List

Variations on beats 1 & 2:
Swing Kick
Double Kick
Fan Kick
Kick with jump
Heel Dig

Variations on beats 3 & 4:
Slide to the right
Sweep the floor (with left foot)
Jump Hop

Variations on beats 5 & 6:
Touch the floor

Variations on beats 7 & 8:
Kick step

Here is the compilation of archival footage of people dancing the Charleston:

4. Our Routine Song

At full speed: Flying Home N°2 by Lionel Hampton
Slower at -10bpm: Flying Home N°2 by Lionel Hampton (-10bpm)
Slowest at -20bpm: Flying Home N°2 by Lionel Hampton (-20bpm)

5. Routine Recap Video

6. Practice Playlists

Here are some Spotify playlists I created for my jazz students in London to practice to. There are three different playlists: one hot jazz style for your Charleston and so on, one swing style for your Jazz and Lindy Hop, and one slower Blues style.

7. Rhythm Theory

And finally here is a handout to remember the note values we worked on in our rhythm class. Beats, bars, quarter notes, eighth notes, sixteenth notes and triplets!
Basic Rhythm Theory (PDF 106KB)