Free Practice Hour


After classes at The Wednesday Swing Club we stay on for an hour of swing dance practice that is free and open to all. Practice the steps you learned in class, train with your dance partner or just have fun social dancing with your classmates! We will be playing a variety of swing music and will adjust the music to suit the dancers in the room.  

Totally free: take advantage of our huge dance hall with a beautiful sprung wooden floor, air conditioning and lots of space, 100% for free!  

All welcome: whether you took the classes or not, you are very welcome to come and practice in our space during this hour!  

When: 10pm-11pm on Wednesday Swing Club nights, which is most but not all Wednesdays, so check the Wednesday Swing Club page for exact dates and information about the classes.

Where: Stern Hall, 33 Seymour Place, London W1H 5AU