Skills & Drills (Level 1.5)


Weekly training class for jazz & swing dancers with Sharon Davis. An hour of fun solo drills, exercises and challenges.

In this class you will move your body and exercise your mind with an hour of drills, exercises and challenges that will take your jazz or swing dancing to the next level. This is a fun class with lots of movement and music, using the power of repetition and progression to make us better dancers. We will work on those physical skills that need repetition to build strength and control. And we will play with the creative skills that need practice to master and find our personal style. Every class is different, so start anytime and drop in when you like. Some jazz dance experience recommended.

When: 8.00pm-9.00pm on Tuesdays

CLOSED DATES: This class is held every Tuesday unless advertised here:

  • Tuesday 24 May 2022: NO CLASS
  • Tuesday 14 June 2022: NO CLASS

Any cancelled dates will be posted here, announced on social media and by email. The booking system is always up-to-date.

Lindy Hoppers

What is this class about?

Most jazz classes are about either learning steps or choreography, but to improve as dancers and develop our own style we also need to spend time practicing, drilling, training and exploring. This class is an hour of exercises, skills and challenges with lots of movement and music to keep it fun!

Solo Jazz

We will work on those physical skills that need repetition to build strength and control – things like precise footwork and floor strikes, nailing our spins, turns and slides, balancing like an ice skater, hitting our breaks & poses, controlling our posture, shapes and lines, as we challenge our coordination and build our proprioception.

And we will play with those creative skills that just need practice to master – things like controlling our rhythm, mastering transitions and flow, deconstructing classic steps, confident freestyling, using our arms, hands & entire body, and developing our personal style.

Is this a drop-in class or a course?

This is a drop-in class, so you can start anytime and drop in when you like. You don’t need to take these classes in any particular order and it’s no problem if you miss a week or drop by irregularly. 

What is the level?

This is a Level 1.5 and above class, so some jazz dance experience is recommended. It would be helpful if you already know the Shim Sham routine; the 1920s Charleston basics; and a vocabulary of classic jazz steps (eg: Suzie Q, Fall Off The Log, Shorty George, Eagle Slide, Truckin, Lowdowns, Fishtails, Happy Feet, Tacky Annie, Half Breaks, Gaze Afar, Tabby The Cat, etc). If you don’t know these steps yet, please take the Level 1 class at 7pm to learn these fundamentals before progressing.

Jazzbourne Location Map


Address: Jazzbourne, 443 New Cross Road, London SE14 6TA

Closest tube stations: New Cross, Deptford Bridge, Deptford, New Cross Gate.

For more information on visiting the venue Jazzbourne, check out their website here.

Online Prices

We encourage you to book online to secure your place and help us know how many people to expect.

A single drop-in class costs £15 per person if booked online, or 1 credit if you have bought online class credits in a prepaid package (eg: 3 class credits for £30).

You can book a class online up to 1 minute before the class start time.

You can read our booking Cancellation Policy here.

Prices at the Door

Booking is not essential, walk-ins are very welcome (if we’re not full up).

If paying at the door, the price per person is:

£15 for one class
£25 for two classes
£30 for three classes

We are now cashless, so card and contactless payments only please.

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