Swing Out Workshop

This is a 2-hour workshop to get personal feedback and advice on the most important move in Lindy Hop – the Swing Out! Numbers are strictly limited in this workshop, to keep the class size small – never more than 3 couples. It will be more like a small-group private lesson. You will get personalised feedback on aspects of your swingout and other Lindy Hop fundamentals, tools to use to work on it after the class, and your teacher Sharon Davis will lead the group through exercises and drills to help improve your technique and style. You must register as a couple to attend this workshop.

All levels are welcome to attend this class, as long as you are comfortable with your 8-count Lindy Hop swingout and a Lindy Circle. You should be ready to get personal feedback and work collaboratively with your partner in class. You must register for this workshop with a partner.

We run this workshop many times throughout the year. More dates will be added soon!