Swivels Workshop with Sharon Davis in Taiwan

Ultimate Swivels Workshops

Ultimate Swivel Workshop with Sharon Davis

Ultimate Swivels Workshop

£35 per person, various dates
Location: JazzMAD Studio, Dalston E8 2DA

A 3-hour intensive workshop with Sharon Davis on the fine art of the Swivel, the Lindy Hop follower’s ultimate style tool!

This is a 3-hour small-group intensive workshop for Lindy Hop followers to learn different styles of swivels (including Sharon’s) and how to find your own unique personal swivel style. Ahhh those bewitching twists! Learn the history behind swing swivels, the technique hidden in those twists, and how to execute them with flare. Male followers are very welcome too! This workshop is suitable for all levels of Lindy Hop experience, as long as you can follow an 8-count Swing Out and Lindy Circle. This is Sharon’s most popular workshop, the culmination of her 18 years of dancing and teaching swivels. She has taught this workshop all over the world, to much acclaim.

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Swing Out Workshops
Swing Out Workshop

Swing Out Workshop

£25 per person, various dates
Location: JazzMAD Studio, Dalston E8 2DA

This is a 2-hour workshop to get personal feedback and advice on the most important move in Lindy Hop – the Swing Out! Numbers are strictly limited in this workshop, to keep the class size small – never more than 3 couples. It will be more like a small-group private lesson. You will get personalised feedback on aspects of your swingout and other Lindy Hop fundamentals, tools to use to work on it after the class, and your teacher (Sharon Davis) will lead the group through exercises and drills to help improve your technique and style. You must register as a couple to attend this workshop.

All levels are welcome to attend this class, as long as you are comfortable with your 8-count Lindy Hop swingout and a Lindy Circle. You should be ready to get personal feedback and work collaboratively with your partner in class. You must register for this workshop with a partner.

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Solo Jazz Workshops
Solo Jazz Workshop with Sharon Davis

Solo Jazz Workshop series

£10 per person, various dates
Location: Academy Studios, Camden NW1 0AD

Join a 1-hour Solo Jazz workshop with Sharon Davis. Learn the authentic solo dance steps of the jazz & swing eras, including The Charleston and beyond. Master the most famous jazz steps from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Across this workshop series, all the most important solo dance steps from the jazz and swing eras will be covered. Every workshop in this series is different: different steps, exercises and routines are taught each workshop. Drop in to any individual workshop, or take them all for a comprehensive education in authentic jazz dance.

You will learn the history of each jazz step, how to execute it with rhythm and style, and how it connects with other jazz steps in the historic repertoire. You will gain experience of both improvising these steps and also learning them in short routine sequences, with a focus on rhythm and style.

Level: These workshops are suitable for all levels and everyone is welcome. The first section of class will teach the basic jazz steps from scratch, then progress to more advanced variations, combinations and sequences. The class will get more challenging as the hour proceeds. Absolute beginners are very welcome – you may find the final exercises challenging, but this is a great way to learn intensively.

You do not need a partner for this class. This is a solo dancing class. Men, women, all welcome! Start anytime.

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