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Private Lessons with Sharon Davis

Book a private one-on-one lesson with master instructor Sharon Davis at Jazzbourne in SE14

What level is this class for? Learn to swing dance from scratch in a one-on-one setting, or if you are an experienced dancer wanting to level up your technique, private lessons are the way to fast track your progress. Private lessons are appropriate for all levels from absolute beginner to advanced.

What style or topics can we cover? Your private lesson can be in any of Sharon’s dance style specialities: Swing/Lindy Hop, Airsteps/Dips, Solo Jazz, Charleston, Blues, Burlesque or any topic of your choice.

The private lesson is just for me. Do I need to bring a partner? For a beginners level Lindy Hop private lesson, Sharon can be your partner for the class. For more advanced Lindy Hoppers, it would be ideal to bring a partner (even if they are not sharing the private) so that Sharon can dance with you, but also observe your dancing. This is the best way to get the most insight and value out of your private lesson. Many dancers find it valuable to sit in on someone else’s private lesson like this, so finding a volunteer is usually easy. But if you really can’t find a partner for the lesson, don’t worry that’s fine!  Of course, no partner is needed for solo dance lessons. 

Price: A private lesson costs £75/hour and can be for an individual, a couple, or up to four people for the same price.

How to book: purchase a £75 gift voucher for the private lesson. Then contact Sharon on to find a date & time that works for you both. Daytime 12noon-5pm (including weekends) are usually the most available. 

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