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Private Lesson with Sharon Davis

Book a private dance class with Sharon Davis in London. This can be a private 1:1 lesson for an individual or a couple, or you can book a private class for your group.

We offer private tuition in all dance styles covered by our regular classes including Lindy Hop, Jazz, Charleston, Blues and Burlesque.

The class is held at Jazzbourne, a speakeasy-style jazz bar in Southeast London (SE14 6TA) with sprung dance floors, mirrors and everything we could need for a luxury private dance class. 

Private lessons with a professional dancer are the fastest, most effective way to learn to dance. Get expert private tuition at a time that suits you.

Class Length: your lesson can be 1-hour, 1.5-hours or 2-hours long

Cost: £85 per hour for 1 or 2 people.
For a private group class of 3 or more people, there is an additional charge of £10 per person per hour.

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Location: Jazzbourne, 443 New Cross Road, London SE14 6TA

How to book: to confirm that both the teacher and venue are available at your requested time, your private lesson booking will need to be approved. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged until your booking is approved and confirmed.

  1. Request your chosen private lesson time through this website, and the request will be sent to your teacher.
  2. Once approved (usually within 24 hours), you will receive an email with payment instructions to confirm the booking.
  3. Once payment is received, your private lesson is booked and confirmed!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book a different time not listed on your booking system?

Yes, other times may be available depending on the teacher and studio availability. Email us to check if an alternative time is possible.

What time should I arrive?

Please arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled lesson time, but not earlier than this because there may be another lesson taking place before yours. Please arrive on time, as there may be another lesson scheduled after yours, so we will need to finish on time.

What should I wear/bring?

Wear comfortable clothes that allow for unrestricted movement and so that your teacher can see your body movement. If you want feedback on dance style, wear the clothes you would normally social dance in.

The Jazzbourne dancefloor is a sprung wooden floor, medium fast. Shoes with leather or suede soles are ideal. If in doubt, bring a few different pairs of shoes. No street heels or shoes that might scratch or mark the floor, please.  

Bring your camera or smart phone, charged and with some available space, so that you can film yourself or film a recap during the private lesson.  

If this private lesson is for a wedding or other special event, please wear the shoes you will be dancing in for your event.

What level are private lessons suitable for?

Private lessons are suitable for all levels of experience, from absolute beginners through to advanced dancers. Learn to swing dance from scratch in a one-on-one setting, or if you are an experienced dancer wanting to level up, private lessons are the way to fast track your progress.

What topic will we work on in the private lesson?

Choose a dance style from your teacher’s specialities (eg: swing/Lindy Hop, Jazz, Charleston, Airsteps/Dips, Blues, Burlesque). The exact private lesson topic is up to you. In the booking form, there is a section where you can give a brief description of what you would like to work on.


Here are some popular reasons to book a private lesson:

  • I’ve never danced before: learn to dance from scratch with one-to-one tuition, the fastest and most effective way to learn to dance for beginners
  • I need a refresher: if you used to dance regularly but haven’t for a while, book a private lesson to refresh your repertoire, get your confidence back and practice dancing with a pro in a private setting
  • We’re getting married! We love working with wedding couples for your first dance. Check out the advice below on how many sessions you will need. 
  • Just make me better please: you want to improve your dancing, but you’re not quite sure what you need to work on. Don’t worry, this is really common! Your teacher will observe your dancing and identify the areas you can improve, with practice in session as well as take-home exercises for ongoing improvement. 
  • Can you fix this problem? If you’re butting up against a particular technical challenge in your dancing, a private lesson is a great way to fix it. 
  • I’ve hit a plateau: If you feel like you’ve plateaued in your dancing, a private lesson is a great way to get some direction for your dance practice to get over the hump and continue improving. 
  • Give me those swivels: Sharon teaches a lot of private lessons on her Lindy Hop style and is happy to share all her swivel secrets!
  • I want to learn to switch: if you already know how to lead or follow and want to learn the other role, going back to beginners lessons will probably be too slow for you. Private lessons are great way to learn to switch quickly. 
  • Can I learn that routine? if you’ve seen one of Sharon’s jazz or Lindy Hop routines and want to learn it (or maybe a vintage routine from an old movie), book a private lesson for one-to-one tuition. 
  • Help me learn that move? if you’ve seen a Lindy Hop move and just can’t figure it out, we can show you how its done as well as other variations
  • Can you give us feedback on a routine? If you have a choreography you are working on for a show or competition, a private lesson is a great way to get objective feedback and polish your routine
  • I’m an experienced dancer in a different dance style: if you want to learn authentic vintage swing or jazz dance, but taking beginner classes is frustrating because you are already an experienced dancer in a different style, then private lessons are for you. We love showing dancers from different styles how to make their swing/jazz look authentic.
Can I take a Lindy Hop private lesson without a partner?

For a beginners level Lindy Hop private lesson, Sharon can be your partner for the class. For more advanced Lindy Hoppers, it would be ideal to bring a partner (even if they are not sharing the private) so that Sharon can dance with you, but also observe your dancing. This is the best way to get the most insight and value out of your private lesson. Many dancers find it valuable to sit in on someone else’s private lesson like this, so finding a volunteer is usually easy. But if you really can’t find a partner for the lesson, don’t worry that’s fine!

Are private lessons suitable for wedding dance couples?

Yes! If you are getting married and would like to swing dance for your wedding, book a private lesson. If you would like to learn how to have an enjoyable, romantic slow dance together to any style of music, then one lesson is adequate.  If you would like to learn to swing dance (Lindy Hop) socially together – freestyle, no routines – for your wedding dance, then we recommend at least 4 lessons to learn the basics.  If you would like to learn a swing dance choreography for your wedding dance, then we recommend at least 6 lessons. Your teacher will adapt the complexity of your wedding dance to the number of sessions you are able to take. Please email us with your requirements before the first private lesson, to allow time to prepare.

Can I book a private lesson to work on Airsteps?

Yes, Sharon loves training couples working on their Lindy Hop airsteps, but the ceiling height at Jazzbourne is not suitable for high aerial work. Certain airsteps (or other dips & tricks) will be possible at Jazzbourne, or we can arrange an alternative studio/gym. Please email to discuss before booking.

Can I use this booking system to book a virtual/online private lesson?

Absolutely. Just email us to let Sharon know this will be a virtual lesson, and what is your preferred platform (Facetime, Zoom, etc.).  

The booked lesson time is in the London time zone. 

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