Please read our Covid-19 Safety page for our current procedures and to find out the ways we are keeping our students & staff safe. 


Drop-in Classes: Online Price

You can book a class online up to 1 minute before the class start time.

A single drop-in class costs £15 per person if booked online.

For drop-in classes that run all term (12 classes per term), if you book all 12 classes in the term in one online booking, the price drops to £120 (£10 per class).

You can read our booking Cancellation Policy here.

Drop-in Classes: Price at the Door

If paying at the door, a single drop-in class costs £15 per person, or discounted to £12.50 if you take more than one class that evening. For example, £25 for two classes.

We are now cashless, so card and contactless payments only please. Sorry, we can’t accept cash.

Payments accepted

Course & Workshop Prices

Courses and workshops are individually priced. See booking page for prices.  

    Payment Plans

    Want to pay for a course or workshop in instalments? No problem!

    Just email to make arrangements.

      Q: What happened to the class packages / JazzMAD credits?

      • JazzMAD no longer sells packages of drop-in class credits.
      • This is because of the difficulty it caused during the Covid-19 pandemic.  
      • We’re deeply grateful to the many students who donated their class credits back to us, to support us in 2020. But as we had a full year of student bookings and many did demand refunds – while none of our prepaid costs (like venue rental) were refunded to us – JazzMAD was financially crushed.
      • With ongoing Covid uncertainty, we just can’t afford to be in that position again. Apologies to everyone who loved the packages! Thanks for your understanding.
      •  If you have credits on your account, you can still use them until they are all used up. Let us know if you have any difficulty.
      • If you have credits on your account and you can afford to donate them back to us, we would still deeply appreciate it. Email to let us know

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