Coronavirus: take a look at our Coronavirus Updates page to find out which classes are running, which are cancelled, and what actions we're taking to keep our students & staff safe.

3 ways you can help support us through this difficult time 

1. Learn online with Sharon

JazzMAD principle Sharon Davis has set up a Patreon page with online dance classes to keep you busy while our real life classes are closed. Become her patron on Patreon and for the price of one dance class a month you’ll get access to a growing library of instructional videos for Lindy Hop & Jazz. Or if you just want to support her, you can chip in the cost of a coffee! Every penny helps and Sharon is profoundly grateful for all her Patrons’ support. THANK YOU.

2. Donate your class credits

If you have JazzMAD class credit(s) on your account and you can afford to, you can forfeit them to support the school and help us recover from this crisis when we eventually re-open. Thank you so much to everyone who has generously donated their credits, it means the world to us!

3. Leave a 5-star review

If you love our classes but have never left a review, why not leave one now? It would lift our spirits to hear some praise and 5-star reviews will really help bring new students to us when we re-open.

We are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the Spirit of Swing. 

We love jazz and all its authentic dances.  

getting started

Our mission is to expand and enrich the community for swing & jazz music and their authentic dances, through education & performance. 

We work to preserve & promote the Spirit of Swing which champions individual expression and celebrates diversity, while also fostering community and connection. 

We believe in the power of Swing to help us face adversity, be part of a community, love ourselves and find happiness.

With our academy we aim to offer world class education in dance and music. We cultivate in our students a foundation of four pillars: historical appreciation, compassionate connection, courageous movement and musical intelligence. We believe this is the pathway to creativity, self-expression, joy and finding yourself in music & dance.

With our dance company we aim to support the professional development of swing, tap & jazz roots dancers and choreographers, and advocate for these dance styles in the national dance industry. We aim to build networks and foster collaboration between musicians and dancers. 

We are swing dancers. We are jazz singers. We are hoofers and flappers. Jazz ignites our imagination and invites us to play. 

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